Christmas Special

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For all of you wonderful book lovers out there – do I have a special for you!  Did you enjoy VANESSA – a Love Story?  Would you like to get a copy for a friend?  Make sure she is a real friend because if not, she will not read the book.  Make sure she appreciates what you are about to do for her.  A personal copy of VANESSA will definitely beat a scarf, pair of earrings, a movie ticket, or cheap gift card.  And please do not lend her your copy because you will never see it again, and you will want to re-read it before you read the sequel.  (And yes.  You have all convinced me that Vanessa’s story needs a sequel, so I am working on it.  If all goes well it will be in production by the end of January.)

Having said all of that – here’s the deal for Christmas:  1) If you order 1 copy of VANESSA – a Love Story before December 8th, from this website*, I will send you a free copy of my memoir Fragments of a Woman’s Life.  Let me say this about Fragments:  You have never read a more insightful and beautifully written book about what it means to be a woman.  All aspects of our lives in fragments:  in chapters that mirror the chapters of our lives, family, work, desires, dreams, parenthood, spirituality, and more.  It even closes with a sermon I gave at my father’s church many years ago.  Fragments of a Woman’s Life gives just  enough to leave a legacy, with a pattern you can follow to write your own story.  AND 2) If you order 3 copies of VANESSA – a Love Story from this website*I will send you a 4th copy of VANESSA free.  This is a really good deal, especially if you have a lot of friends, or you belong to a book club and looking for an engaging read for 2018.  Remember this offer will end at midnight on December 8th.  In that way I can be sure that you have  your books in time for Christmas. All of my books can be ordered here on this site*.  But again for book clubs and individuals – for every 3 copies of VANESSA that you order, I will automatically send you a 4th copy free.  Remember shipping also is free.  If you tell others about this special offer please give them the entire site from which to order:

Let me hear from you soon, and in the meantime, enjoy this wonderful holiday season.  May you and yours be blessed.

*P.S.  This offer is also available by mail.  Just use the order form from the back of the book or send your check to Godosan Publications LLC,  P.O. Box 3267, Stafford, VA 22555. Be sure to include your full name, full address, zip code, and phone number. The deadline remains the same (Dec. 8th).  And yes, these books will be available soon on Amazon, (but their offer will not be as good as this one).