Feedback from VANESSA – a Love Story

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When a writer does a novel the reaction from readers becomes very important.  Even when one has a successful book already “out there” there is no guarantee that the next book will be equally successful.  After publishing three non-fiction books, I am happy to say that the response to VANESSA – a Love Story has been overwhelmingly wonderful!  Never before have I heard of so many women staying up until 1 a.m. or 3 a.m. to finish a book. Never before has anyone said to me that she could not put down a book that I had written, something I have been hearing a lot.  One of the funniest remarks came from a good friend and neighbor.  She said that she stayed up past 1 a.m. and read as much as she could, and then could not wait until her daughter got on the school bus the next day so she could finish VANESSA.  I love it!  And I will add more comments from readers in the next post.

What I am now being asked is, “When is the sequel to VANESSA coming out?”  Which is usually followed by, “You really ought to do an audio book.” What I would really like to do is create a screenplay.  Sometimes I even ask myself, ‘Who would I choose to play Vanessa on screen?’  I do have a favorite actress in mind.

Having written VANESSA I ask myself what exactly is the ‘draw?’  I am aware of my attention to detail.  And I am aware of my writing style having that seductive component, although I am not sure exactly what creates it.  We know that Vanessa, the character, becomes involved with an artist.  What readers may not know is that my affinity for contemporary art was very helpful.  I look forward to more positive feedback and to more exposure, Speaking of which — fall is a lovely time to do more book-signings.  That is something I am looking forward to doing, especially since mine will from now on always contain a short writing component.

So to my all of my readers  — ask for what you want and for what you need.  It is my pleasure to share with VANESSA – A Love Story with you, which BTW makes a great gift for women headed off to college or friends taking a much needed vacation.  (VANESSA – a Love Story is available on this site.)