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Having given an overview as to how wonderful the response to VANESSA – a Love Story has been, it is time to share a few of the comments from some of my happiest readers.  Here we go.

“I finished the book in two days, and had I not been busy, I would have finished it in one…”  Angie S.

” I liked it a lot.  I stayed up until after 1 a.m. to finish it.  (My daughter) has it now.)”  Evelyn E.

“I just finished VANESSA! Wow! Excellent! Riveting! I want to read what happens next!  I loved the questions at the end… Outstanding!!!!”  Joan W.

“…I loved your book and it exceeded my expectations.  I loved how you brought many surprises throughout the story.  You kept me engaged and wanting to read more…. It was also great how you included subliminal life lessons – avoiding those traps that we can all potentially fall into when meeting someone, especially as it relates to confusing sex for love.  I truly hope you will keep writing and I look forward to the sequel!”  Tanya W.

“I purchased Vanessa for me and my two daughters.  My youngest read the book and was pleased to see her college, Spelman, featured in the book. She was shocked that Sandra, her former math tutor in 5th grade, and her SAT/ACT teacher in high school could write a book so sensual and interesting that a college student like her would enjoy it.  Well…I read the book as well.  It is a page turner.  I could not put it down…  Sandra’s writing draws you in and you feel you are in the story with her detailed descriptions.  I love the book and have brought copies as gifts … I can’t wait for the sequel!”  Rhonda L.

“… You are such a delight. I wanted to thank you so much for the book! I just finished reading it! … I read it on a flight from LA to Chicago.  I could not put it down! You really do have a gift. Thanks for encouraging me to write my book. The advice you gave me I tucked away because I plan on using it. I could easily see your book turn into a movie. From the first page to the last, I was completely drawn in…   It was very refreshing to chat with you.  Most people don’t really take the time to reach out the way you did to me. It was very touching and I will never forget it. You have truly been a blessing.  I also believe that there are no accidents. God bless you and your family.” Leslie K.


PS:  To all of my readers, I am so glad you are enjoying this book!  I hope you will continue to share your excitement about VANESSA – a Love Story with your book clubs and friends.  And for those of you who are contemplating hosting a book party, choose your date and get in touch with me.  Please keep on sharing and remember that  VANESSA – a Love Story is available on this site.  To arrange a another event, write me at  I hope to hear from you soon!