Silencing Writer’s Block? Oh Yeah!

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If you are like me you probably went through high school believing that you could not write worth a damn.  It took me a long time to understand why this was, but finally I found the solution to writer’s block, or to be honest, the solution found me.  Somewhere back in the 1990s I was led to a creativity course in which our “textbook” was The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  I call it a textbook in quotes because it was nothing like any text I had ever seen before.  It was experiential and fun.  I loved it so much that I began giving copies to family members and recommending it to everyone I met.

The book made us do homework – homework that I loved.  The process for removing writer’s block was empowering.  It required us to do zany stuff, like getting up and writing before we did anything else that day.  Julia Cameron calls it her “Morning Pages. ” Several people in class would not do it, or would not do it consistently.  But I did, and it worked.  It is interesting how the unconventional, the stuff that goes against all that we were taught in school, can actually work!  It is kind of like why drawing a picture of something that is turned upside down is easier than trying to draw it right-side up. That works well for non-artists.  As one of my characters in my novel, VANESSA explains, it works because “the left side of the brain can’t tell the right side that it can’t draw.”

When you begin doing your “morning pages” that squeaky little voice that tells you that you cannot write, cannot spell, don’t have anything to say is finally silenced.  How neat is that!  What we don’t know!

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  1. Morning pages work! I can definitely attest to that.