So – You Want to Write?

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Although I believe every woman is a writer and has a book in her, I am also aware that many women do not understand the value of writing every day. What that amounts to is journaling.  What journaling does is puts you in sync with your writing voice and quiets the negative inner voice that causes you not to believe in yourself.  And to be an effective writer it is essential to develop a unique “writer’s voice.”

This voice came through when I wrote my first book,  The Book for Math Empowerment.  I had a very academic voice – logical and philosophical.  Although it reflected what I had learned from years of teaching, it demonstrated only what was cerebral and/or experienced.

The voice that came through in Fragments of a Woman’s Life was softer, more personal, and reflective, befitting a memoir.  In my opinion Fragments is an excellent example of a well written memoir.  It told just enough for the reader to see the real me, inside and out, without boring the reader with information that only I might think is important.

When I wrote Vanessa – a Love Story a still different voice emerged.  This was the storyteller’s voice, the voice of dialogue and conversation, the voice of fantasy and intrigue.  In fact this book, my first novel, essentially wrote itself, something fiction writers frequently say of their works.  In other words the characters in the novel seemed to take control of it provided I allowed them to.   What I also realized is that a plot literally can move in a number of different directions.  The writer then must choose the outcome that is most believable or most dramatic.

What are you ready to write?