“LEGACIES” is a one-day transformative workshop for women featuring memoir writing and healthful eating.  Why? Because I believe that every woman needs to leave a written legacy for a future generation.  “Our lives are too important to be captured only in pictures and videos.  We need to write our stories for progeny who may not know the real us, and we need to write them now!  In five years we will not be who we are today!”   Sandra Lynn Manigault.  LEGACIES (all or part) also may be taught at your site on a date you choose!

This unique workshop ( part 1) is designed to facilitate the memoir writing process. Included in part I:

  • How to overcome writer’s block
  • How to create time to write despite a busy schedule
  • Identifying what makes for an unforgettable memoir or other work
  • How to cultivate your unique “writing voice”
  • Exercises that drive your writing project  and help you overcome emotional blocks
  • Writing prompts – how to find and use them
  • The importance of leaving a written legacy for your family

The second half of LEGACIES is the healthful eating component.  Included in part II:

  • How Sandra lost over 30 pounds and kept them off for over 7 years
  • What is driving America’s obesity epidemic
  • What foods to avoid at all costs and why
  • How you can begin to overcome certain food addictions
  • How to retrain your appetite and still be happy
  • What to do to replace sugar in your diet

Take steps now to transform your life.   In this outstanding workshop you will receive Sandra Lynn’s new novel VANESSA – a Love Story, or her memoir, Fragments of a Woman’s Life plus an outstanding writing guide, The DVD “Eating,” and workshop notes.  To learn more about LEGACIES, please write for a complete informational packet.   The next LEGACIES workshop in Virginia will be taught in January (date to be announced), from 9 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. in Stafford, VA.  The cost of LEGACIES is $185 per person. (A minimum of 6 attendees is required.)

Please note that you may arrange for Sandra to conduct only part I or part II of Legacies for your organization as well.  The cost of a half day workshop is $125 per person, and will entitle each participant to one of Sandra’s books plus workshop notes.  Please write specifically to Sandra at for logistical details.  (Please note:  Out of town travel costs for the presenter is extra and is not included in the price.)

Because many of you have read Sandra’s new novel, VANESSA – a Love Story, and have enjoyed it so much, Sandra is also available to participate in Vanessa book parties and help facilitate a lively discussion about some of the controversial issues it raises.  To host a book party for your women’s group or mixed group, write Sandra at

In  addition, Sandra is available to teach writing (only) workshops in beautiful Costa Rica.  To get more information about how your book club, women’s group, or sorority can set up and enjoy a truly phenomenal experience, in an all inclusive 5-star resort in the rainforest of Puerto Viejo, CR, please write specifically to  PS – for Costa Rica – husbands and boyfriends are welcome.